Kim Strum

Paula Grahmann (PG) and Kim Sturm (KS) contemplate dance careers, Chicago hot dogs and husbands–All on company time. Please welcome our newest additions to the Chicago Dance Supply team.

PG: It is Oct. 19, 2006 and I’m here for an interview with Kim. There are no customers in the store. OK, question number one: Where are you originally from?

KS: Chicago.

PG: That pretty much cuts off my entire question… OK! I hear you danced in Vegas. Did you move out there just to do that?

KS: Yes, I did. I got hired in Chicago. I was one person from the tour of the United States that they took back to Vegas.

PG: Wow, that’s cool. And then why did you move back?

KS: To come home again and to get away from my stupid husband.

PG: I don’t think that should go in the story. What are your dance career goals?

Paula Grahmann

KS: I think that I’ve already had a pretty extensive career already. Right now I don’t feel pressured to do anything too heavy. I would like to be paid well again to do something I love.

PG: Understandable. How did you get into dance?

KS: Actually, my mother studied dance when she was younger. Until she started having the kids. And she started me and my younger brother and my older brother in dance among other things.

PG: Like, what other things?

KS: There was ballet, there was tap there was jazz there was concert piano, I played cello, my brother played violin. She exposed us to a little bit of everything.

PG: Excellent. Do you have a favorite choreographer or piece?

KS: Oh. That’s so hard when…It’s hard to say a favorite because there are so many different tastes and so much talent out there. No, I can’t say that I really have a favorite.

PG: I suppose that’s fair. What is your favorite thing about working at Chicago Dance Supply?

KS: For one thing, well, now that I’m back home, I live way on the south side, and I’m used to not having an excuse to come up north and I love the north side because I used to live here, so being at Joel Hall’s studio again and working at Chicago Dance Supply gets me in the neighborhood that I love again, and you meet a lot of interesting people and you work with some sweethearts. It’s good to be around something you’re familiar with and that you know–how to push!

PG: Excellent. If you could dance with anyone, anywhere who would you dance for?

KS: As in performing?

PG: As in your favorite company. Like, oh man, I would give anything to dance for that company, in that city or for that person.

KS: I think that I’d like to be able to say that I danced with a company in Paris. Just a company. Any company in Paris.

PG: That’s good, that’s good! And last but not least, what is your favorite color?

KS: Blood red.

PG: Classic. And that’s Kim in a nutshell.

KS: Hi there this is Kim interviewing Paula. And let’s find out about the little girl.

OK Paula, what do you like about Chicago so far since you moved here?

PG: I like cities in general so I like all the people, it’s easy to get around, the public transportation, and I love the diversity of everything. You can get all kinds of international food; you can meet all kinds of people. I like the city atmosphere.

KS: Great. I know what you’re talking about. What do you think you need in your life right now in order to get very secure and happy? What do you think you need right now?

PG: Health insurance would be nice. That’s the only thing I have left hanging me on to my parents. A husband would be nice, but my only prospect is far away. Well, those are the two things I’d love but don’t yet have.

KS: Aha. She’ll grow up soon and realize…Anyway, your next question is would you trade in a well paying job for the next five years for the lifestyle you have now? Would you give up what you have right now for that?

PG: No. I’ve dreamed my whole life of being a dancer. Even though I’m not getting paid to do it right now. But I’m here and that’s what I want to do. I wouldn’t…making a million dollars would be nice, but it’s not worth it right now.

KS: That’s good. I knew you’d say that. Would you ever move home again?

PG: (deep sigh) I’d like to raise my kids in my home town. It was a great little place. Great schools, nice suburban atmosphere. But while I don’t have anyone else to be responsible for? I like being here. It’s great.

KS: Good for you. What is your very favorite thing that is exclusively Chicago?

PG: Oh. That’s hard. Probably the Chicago hot dog with everything on it. It’s the only thing I eat that has everything on it. Everything else? Cheese pizza. You know, spaghetti with no meat. No, but with the Chicago hot dog I even put the jalapeno peppers on it.

KS: That’s weird! I should have known it would be a food thing. Because the next question is what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Pizza? Meat? Vegetable and hamburger joint? So first, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

PG: Um, my mom used to by this black raspberry stuff and it was like vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirl in dark chocolate raspberry cups, so it had raspberry cream inside of dark chocolate? Oh my gosh. It was unbelievably good.

KS: And what about pizza?

PG: Just cheese.

KS: Just cheese. And what’s your favorite meat?

PG: A nice thick juicy steak, medium well.

KS: What’s your favorite vegetable?

PG: Broccoli.

KS: And last but not least, what is your favorite hamburger joint?

PG: I don’t really have one. I don’t know, McDonald’s? I’m sorry, I don’t know… Ruby Tuesdays …has good burgers? Does that count?

KS: Bleh. Yeah, that counts. And that was Paula and knowing her a little bit better. Tune in next week as week as we interview Heather. You want to talk about a trip. Thank you and good night!