by Mike Gosney

MARS – ruling planet of all things physical

To make a long story short, the planets in our system circle through different energies. As each planet resides within an energy, that energy is intensified. As we face that energy’s area in space we feel it and the planet’s effect.

As dancers (or for those who love dance) we need to pay attention to where Mars is currently. Mars is the ruling planet of war and, most understandably, all things physical. It takes nearly two years for Mars to orbit through each energy (the signs of the zodiac….Aries,Taurus,Gemini, etc.) and is currently in Scorpio.

A little SCORPIO lesson……

Scorpio is an energy in our universe that is best described with 8 words in my opinion.
and most importantly,

It is the most intense and profound sign in the zodiac. You add this combination together until December 5th 2006 and you have an aggressive force working on all of us right now! With Mars in Scorpio right now, we should watch out for exaggerated drive to be successful in our dance career for fear of failure. Dancing is a joy that should be cherished at every moment. Scorpio may lead us to feel that our bodies must be perfect NOW and make us impatient. Remember that joy in hard work will bring good results. You will be successful in dance when you enjoy it! Scorpio tends to squelch anything that does not seem to be working out. Give it time and love.

Mars in Scorpio can allow you to explore the passionate side of your artistry. Why do you dance? Focusing on that during this time should bring up some revelations. Are you dancing completely? What does that mean to you? It is an intuitive time right now. Asking vague questions for yourself is good for your body. You may find yourself answering these questions while your moving your body in class or rehearsal.

Love what you do when you’re doing it!

Mike Gosney
Artistic Director
Elements Contemporary Ballet

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