by JD
It starts off as a small ache, or maybe a tight, stiff muscle. Then out of nowhere you get injured. You weren’t doing any big moves; you weren’t landing a magnificent jump. You were simply walking or marking a few steps. We take for granted the fact that our body is a whole interconnected system. Problems with our feet aren’t always foot problems. Recently, I visited the chiropractor, and what he had to say to me was quite alarming….

First, It’s important to let anyone who is giving you treatment know your medical history. After catching up on my past injuries, we discussed my current problems which included left foot and ankle stiffness and some numbness in the toes, plus lower back pain and a feeling that I was out of alignment. He jotted down some notes, looked at my back, and said, “Let’s take some x-rays”. After the x-rays, he invited me to look at them. The side view was fine, but from the front you could see my hips were off–by almost two inches!! This was quite a difference. My right hip was higher than my left hip. When stepping on a special scale he had in the office it showed that my left side happened to be carrying 12lbs more than my right, putting a lot of pressure on my left foot and ankle that always happen to get injured. I was worried when hearing the news but he assured me I can get back to normal alignment. As a former dancer himself, he knows the importance of having proper placement. I think it’s important to always have people you trust treating you. It’s been a few weeks now and already I feel a difference. My toes stopped feeling numb right away and my left foot doesn’t hurt as often when taking class.

Taking class was one of my biggest concerns. I was worried he would tell me I shouldn’t take class while being treated, but he told me to go right ahead and that it wouldn’t hurt anything. I’ve been seeing him 2-3 times a week which may seem like a lot, but it’s important to keep up with the healing process once you start. Of course, everyone has a different body and different difficulties with their bodies, so my recommended treatment might be very different than yours.  It is generally recommended by most chiropractor’s that you visit once a month for a routine check.

Why not visit your your chiropractor starting this month! If I had been going regularly many of my foot and ankle problems may have been avoided. At least I didn’t wait longer. Find time to make an appointment. Talk to your friends, family, and fellow dancers to help find the right chiropractor for you. It could possibly save you and injury or two!