photo by Cheryl Mann

Sherry Zunker Offers a New Option for Dancers in Transition
By Nicole Rhoden

When choreographer Sherry Zunker first conceptualized BeMoved®, a fun, body-friendly workout designed for adults age 40 and over, she did so with the insight of a choreographer but with the non-dancer in mind. She recalls her search for a perfect adult dance class: “There was nothing that felt quite right.” Her introspection paid off; BeMoved has since grown at a whirlwind pace and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, there has been such a positive response, Sherry decided to spend the last few months with dancer and business manager Sandi Cooksey streamlining the program to offer BeMoved certification. Now, just over a year after its conception, BeMoved certification is packaged and ready to go, with its first certification weekend to take place August 7-8 at Lou Conte Dance Studio. The program offers former dancers a way to reconnect with dance and find a more holistic approach to movement and fitness.

While there are exceptions, the ideal BeMoved instructor would have both dance and teaching experience. The certification weekend will cover the delivery of information and the dynamic differences between BeMoved and a typical dance class. For example, rather than encouraging the classic student-teacher relationship, Sherry strives to create an atmosphere in which everyone is “sharing the experience.” Not only does this mindset reinforce BeMoved’s beloved safe haven vibe, but it allows the teachers to fully enjoy the movement in a way that might not be possible with traditional teaching methods. “I get the benefit of the product while I teach it,” explains Sherry. “I feel incredible!”

Perhaps an even more significant reward for teaching BeMoved is the impact instructors will have on their clients’ lives. Infused with Sherry’s refreshingly organic choreography, BeMoved doesn’t just get people exercising. It improves overall coordination and quality of movement, something taken for granted by many lifelong dancers but seldom addressed for the general public. BeMoved participants are surprised to find the ways that these skills seep into their everyday lives, whether they’re dancing impromptu at a wedding or responding to music at a concert. “I feel so graceful!,” says Josephine Orba, one of Sherry’s many pleased clients.

Sherry’s future goals for BeMoved? “Get more people certified!” she beams. Sherry plans to take the program national, and later international, with the vast connections she’s accumulated during her brilliant dance career. BeMoved certification weekends in Florida and Las Vegas are soon to come. To help fund BeMoved’s growth, Sherry will search for investors and intends to take advantage of the small business grant offered by the Career Transition for Dancers organization. Eventually, Sherry hopes that BeMoved can expand to include multiple levels and emphases to offer instructors greater flexibility. There’s even talk of “BeMoved Express,” which would condense the exercises into a convenient 30-45 minute workout. Sherry plans to build relationships with senior living homes, gyms, studios and schools to pave the way for new instructors to teach at those venues. Because BeMoved is so incredibly versatile, a dance studio is not necessary for classes. BeMoved can be taught anywhere from a stage to a church basement, says Sherry. “All you need is music!”

Cost for the BeMoved Instructor Certification Workshop is $760 for early registration on or before July 17 and $960 for late registration.

Price of certification includes:
· 1-year BeMoved license
· BeMoved Instructor’s Manual
· BeMoved philosophy & methodology
· BeMoved teaching skills & techniques
· BeMoved class design, structure and flow
· Step-by-step BeMoved Choreography Syllabus for warm-up & cool-down movement
· Step-by-step BeMoved Choreography Syllabus for 4 musical genre combinations
· BeMoved Instructor’s DVD
· BeMoved Music Playlists
· Insurance Information Packet
· How to start and market your BeMoved business

Participants of the BeMoved certification weekend are encouraged to attend as many BeMoved classes as possible to feel out the movement and methods before committing to the certification program. A four-class trial session at Lou Conte on August 6 will provide potential certification students with an opportunity to experience BeMoved if they haven’t already done so.

For more information about BeMoved certification and registration, visit BeMoved Dance. Click here to read a previous article about BeMoved.