Joel Hall Dancers and Center

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Joel Hall Dancers and Center  Children’s Class Attire
BOYS: White T-shirts, black tights or jazz pants, white socks and ballet, jazz, or tap shoes appropriate to class.
GIRLS: Black leotard; tan, pink or white tights, ballet, jazz, or tap shoes appropriate to class, hair tied back off the face.
HIP HOP GIRLS and BOYS: Red T-shirt, baggy athletic pants, white soled gym shoes.

Joel Hall Dancers and Center Scholarship Attire

The dress code is as follows: Men wear white T-shirts,black tights, dance belt, white socks, and shoes appropriate to class. Women wear black leotard, flesh tights, and shoes appropriate for class.

Joel Hall Dancers and Center Pointe Recomendations

It is important that students not rush the transition into Pointe. Pointe requires a great deal of physical strength and proper technical training. To ensure that our students are ready, they are required to take at least two ballet classes per week and the Pointe Preparation class. The instructor will constantly evaluate progress and advise when the student is ready for her first pair of Pointe shoes. Most students need at least four years of serious technical training to be ready for this step. The variations classes are also attended by adult students.