I am always impressed by the many people that walk into Chicago Dance Supply that have decided to take ballet, modern, jazz, or tap dance class again or for the first time.  Many times what happens is that they are very enthusiastic to take class and come to the store to get all decked out in the proper dance apparel, but they don’t know where to take class.  I’m here to give the run down about where and who I prefer to take class from.

I moved to Chicago last August and spent about 8 months taking classes anywhere and everywhere to figure out who could give me the best classes for what I needed. I was looking for a place that could challenge, motivate, and teach me to be a better dancer.  After a lot of trial and error I found what studio’s are good for each style of dance for beginners to professionals.  From my experimentation here are the many great options that are excellent places for beginners . . .

Gus Giordano Dance School

  • They have excellent teachers and evening classes which is a plus for those of us who work during the day!
  • Tap- Mark Yonally is an amazing teacher and tapper, he makes it fun while teaching solid technique (Beginning and Advanced tap on Monday nights)
  • Ballet- There is beginning classes on Monday and Tuesday nights with different teachers, all of which are very motivational to beginners!
  • They are now located in Andersonville on the second floor above Akira. Go check out their new space!

    adult classes in ChicagoJoel Hall Dance Center

  • They offer morning and evening beginning classes that have excellent teachers that are willing teach you and will whip you into shape!
  • Jazz/Hip Hop- Gill is a phenomenal teacher who makes you want to keep dancing.  His jazz and hip hop classes are sure to make you sweat and have a ton of fun while doing them! His classes are offered in the evenings on different days.
  • Ballet – Beginning ballet is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings as well as Saturday mornings.  A great place to go and bring your kids to their ballet class and take a class of your own!
  • Modern – If you are looking for the tradition Horton and Graham then this is the place for you. Gill and Mitchell teach beginning modern in the evenings. They will teach you a solid traditional technique I haven’t found anywhere else in the city.
  • Also a plus is that they offer BeMoved® classes where you can learn a new style of dance every week, a great intro into all forms of dance!
  • They are located just north of Andersonville in Edgewater at 5965 N. Clark St. Walk in and take a class or two!

    beginner adult classes in ChicagoLou Conte Dance Studio

  • They offer mostly evening classes for beginners, however they also have a basic class which is more of an intro into the classes and technique’s. They are also located west of downtown, for those of you who work in the loop!
  • Ballet- Jessica Wolfrum teaches a basic ballet Tuesday nights.  She is very knowledgeable of ballet and all forms of dance and a sweetheart in and out of the studio (She also works for Chicago Dance Supply!)
  • Jazz- Both the basic and beginning classes are in the evening, but are great classes to start out in!
  • They also offer BeMoved® classes!
  • They are located at 1147 W. Jackson BLVD.  Go de-stress after work with a ballet or jazz class!

    adult ballet classes in ChicagoRast Ballet and Dance Studio

  • A very relaxed studio where everyone is very welcoming and you will learn great technique while having fun!
  • Natalie’s beginning ballet classes are held in the evenings during the week, on Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons.  She is a fabulous teacher who gives thoughtful corrections and is always smiling!
  • She is located at 1803 W. Byron Ave. Enjoy the beautiful North Center neighborhood!

    Reggio adult tap classOld Town School of Folk Music

  • They offer almost every kind of dance you could possibly want!
  • Tap- Reggio teaches tap there and he is a one of kind teacher and tapper. Definitely someone to take from!
  • Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Hip Hop all have classes available that require no experience before entering the studio.
  • This a great place to explore all areas of dance with a fun and easy-going attitude.
  • They are located at 4544 N. Lincoln  Ave.  Visit the Old Town area and stop in and say hi to a friendly face!

    I hope this article has helped those of us who need a little point in the right direction to find the perfect studio! If anybody knows of any other great studios, feel free to respond and share other places that have worked for you!

    See ya on the dance floor!