Creating a perfect bun can be frustrating for any dancer, but luckily Chicago Dance Supply has the tools and know how to make a bun fast, easy, and secure. This how-to is for every hair type; from short to long and from thick to thin. Learn to create the perfect bun with these easy steps!

What you need:

Step One: gather hair into a ponytail. Put your ponytail where you want your bun to be (either high or low).

Step Two: get your Bunheads Hair Pins ready to use. The Bunheads Hair Pins are a must for the perfect bun. They are heavy-duty with a wave and slight curve to keep them in place. According to Bunheads, one pin can do the job of several pins and from my own experience, I agree.

Step Three: start to twist the ponytail around the hair tie. Every inch or so place a hair pin by scooping the edge of the hair being twisted then diving the pin into the bun. (Think scoop and dip:) Doing it this way will tighten the bun and make the pins secure.

Step Four: after placing the last hair pin, add a hair net over the bun. You may have to twist the net over bun two or even three times for smaller buns.

Step Five: add one more hair pin to secure the hair net. The purpose of the hairnet is to secure the bun, lock in fly aways, and most importantly hold in hair pins. No one wants hair pins flying out during turns!

Step Six: add snap clips for fly aways or bangs, apply hairspray for a final touch, and voila you are done!

Need more one on one help with this how to? Come by the store and we will help you every step of the way! Just ask for Julie!