Unleash Your Inner Fierce
By Dria Fair
As you enter the dance studio on 5965 North Clark Street, you are greeted by soulful lyrics and the funky, upbeat tempo of House music. If you are familiar with the dance style of Joel Hall, you would know that House music is a heavy influence on his jazz technique, and that he regularly teaches his classes with it. When you glance into the front studio, you see the dancers maneuvering difficult battement and allegro combinations opposed to pencil turns and hippy jazz movement.

Fierce Ballet is taught twice a week at the Joel Hall Dancers & Center by Joel Hall himself; an intermediate level class is taught on Saturday mornings and a slightly more advanced class is taught on Tuesday mornings. With the combined help of upbeat House music and the motivational shouting of Joel’s voice, students will follow a class curriculum that is fast-paced and super-charged with energy.

It is Joel’s objective to not only build upon the ballet technique that you have acquired, but to also break down the prior knowledge that you have already attained. Therefore while he follows the traditional ballet barre structure, he will focus heavily on strengthening and conditioning. Joel teaches his students how to move with grace and delicacy, while also integrating strength and power into their movement. And his great attention to detail helps his students learn to pick up quickly and to attack their movement with sharp intention.

Fierce Ballet will alter the way you perceive ballet, and I guarantee that you will walk out of the class feeling worked and FIERCE!