November 2, 2011

La Viruta

My first night in Buenos Aires, I visited La Viruta.  Here’s the deal:  you can take classes in Argentine tango, rock-n-roll or salsa, have a meal and a drink, access wi-fi, listen to a live tango orchestra and dance until 6am.  All for $29 pesos.  (The exchange rate is $4.50 Argentine pesos to $1 US dollars. Wowwwwww.)

Luckily for my laziness, I kept my jeans on and this meant I fit in perfectly for the pre-milonga class at 10pm on a Wednesday night. The class was packed and they split up the masses into varying levels among four different pairs of teachers.  Having come alone, this turned out to be the best way for me to meet others and get some dances after the class.

A little jet lagged, I left relatively early 2 am after some enjoyable rock-and-roll and tango tandas…  Just in time to see the more advanced dancers take the floor.