Dana Frigoli‘s presence fills the room.  “I remember you perfectly!” She smiles as I begin to babble on about how we met in Chicago.  If you’re in Buenos Aires to learn tango, you must visit DNI at least once and you must meet Dana.  Dana is DNI school director, teacher, performer, award winning choreographer and all around genuinely caring human being.  Since 2005 she has developed the school into a one-stop-shop for Argentine tango.  Here, you can take a variety of classes including tango, yoga, contemporary and folklore.  Between classes you can visit the restaurant/bar, ComerBien, and eat fresh and healthy meals.  “You must try this” she says pointing out a glass filled with fruit and yogurt.  “They make this yogurt right here!”

“Que lindo!” She’s delighted to find the new shipment of DNI apparel in the store.  It’s fun to try on everything with her.  “This color is for you!”  Awesome.  I’m tempted to buy 10 of them.

We move on to shoes.  “Look at my feet!”  She slips off her sneakers and wiggles her toes which are free of blisters, corns and bunions.  “For me, the most important thing is the health of the feet.”  We compare the height of my heels to hers.  “With your heel height this high, it’s impossible to discharge the body weight onto your heels when necessary.”

Her shoes are balanced and comfortable.  The uppers are fully leather.  The sole is quiet and flexible.  The most striking difference between hers and others is that the sole is covered with smooth rubber except for a piece of leather at the big toe.  This leather piece is positioned for easier pivots. Being used to dancing with leather or suede soles, I asked how long it would take to break in the soles.  “After two nights of dancing, I promise these will be your favorite shoes!”

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DNI Men’s Shoes

DNI Women’s Shoes

DNI holds classes on the second and third floors in their restored building on Bulnes.

DNI Sneakers run wide in order to allow the feet to stretch

DNI store associates were helpful and patient with my poor Spanish!

Virginia and Johnny demonstrate; Group classes are available 6 days a week. Often, the Saturday practica hosts live musicians.