Ten days here in Buenos Aires and my luck has finally run out: I’ve been incapacitated by the blisters on my feet.  It wouldn’t be so bad except that the blister is situated on the edge of a callus.  How mean is that? (I’ll spare you the photo.)

My plan to write about tango shoes is still in the works, but in the meantime, please excuse the delay.  For some reason, time is running like water through my hands over here.  I have some cool pictures to show you, so stay tuned.

El Zorzal

It’s springtime and the birds are singing mightily.  I was so confused to hear the songs in the wee hours of the morning—I thought construction workers were working before dawn?

Apparently it’s mating season for the zorzal, a nightingale or thrush.  Prime time for them is before dawn.

Did you know that bird watching is very big here in Argentina?  There are 1000 species and 16 endemics.

El Zorzal:  Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel was also known as “El Zorzal Cricollo” (The Creole Thrush).  Here’s a pretty ballad from his movie “El dia que me quieras”.

“…The day that you love me
the singing bird
will sweeten its cords.
Life will bloom
pain will no exist.

The night that you love me
from the blue of the sky
the jealous stars
will watch us go by…”