The first time I heard of 2X4 al pie was at a milonga in Chicago several years ago.  This dancer just got a pair of men’s 2X4 from Buenos Aires and was raving about about the interchangeable sole.  At the time, I remember being impressed and at the same time a bit doubtful of this concept.  An interchangeable sole?  How is this possible?  Turns out the design is a reality.  See a video showing off the interchangeable sole here.

Because I’ve had more and more inquiries at the shop especially in the last year.  I decided to make the trip to Scalabrini Ortiz 1753 to visit 2X4’s showroom while I was in Buenos Aires.

(If you do decide to go yourself, do not expect to see a window display or a store front when you arrive to Scalabrini Ortiz 1753.  You will buzz the buzzer and wait.  Be patient.  The foyer of the old building will lead you to their modestly sized but well merchandised showroom.  The decor is tasteful.  The feeling is intimate.  It’s definitely male. )

I missed Chacho Rosenkrantz at the shop, but I had the chance to talk to him by phone right before I left the city. Chacho’s mission is to make the best tango shoe ever.  His enthusiasm and confidence in his shoes is unmistakable.  His list of devotees include teachers, performers as well as students and amateurs alike.  You can read more about Chacho in the 2009 blog entry from Sallycat’s Adventures here.

Back in Chicago:  Our first samples of 2X4 shoes arrived last week and happily, I’ve already sold a third of the stock.  I must admit that I’ve kind of fallen in love with the whole package:  the concept and design down to the shoe bag and accessories.

Stop by and check out our stock.  Find our current selection online here. You can also contact us by phone or email to pre-order sizes or colors not immediately available.  A few of the designs are shown below including Chacho’s newest 2X4 sneaker, Palermo.