Javier Antar at Chicago Dance Supply

Javier Antar finds a good fit with the leopard print 8.5cm heel
Javier Antar at Chicago Dance Supply

Nice lines, Javi!

Javier Antar (Buenos Aires) understands what tangueras must do to dance in those delicate stilettos!  Asked what heel height is best for class and practica? “It’s important to practice in both high and low heels.”

Kara and Javier are in Chicago until the end of March.  Don’t miss their series of practicas at Dance Center Chicago!

Kara Wenham asks Chicago:  What is a Practica?

it’s not a lesson (where you have to do exactly as the teacher says)
it’s not a milonga (where you can sit and drink as much as you want)

a practica is where we get together to PRACTICE tango, and learn HOW to practice.

Where we intend to have even numbers in men and women
so we all get to dance ALL THE TIME!

When the organizer of the practica is a teacher, then he/she will propose general or specific themes to practice. We’ll stop the music once in a while to see how we are doing.

The themes presented will be conceptual, so we wont ask that all the people do exactly the same thing, but try to use the same concept in various movements or steps.

The advantage of a practica is the level of freedom combined with the level of interaction between all participants. So each participant can apply the concept of that day’s practica to what they want in their own dance.


7 Practice Jams with Javier and Kara