For almost four years I have been part of the Chicago Dance Supply team, and every day I learn something new about different dance forms. The dance form that I had the least knowledge or experience was Argentine Tango. My first week I was asked by a customer where the babuchas were located. Mistakenly, I thought she said babushka, a very unexpected question to hear at a dance store, and had to ask a co-worker for help. She showed the customer these cotton, jersey-like, loose pants, gathered at the ankle, with a fold down waist that sat low at the hips. Later, I found out these pants were babuchas, which are commonly worn for practice in Argentine Tango.

Babuchas are not specific to Argentine Tango but widely worn in Argentina as casual clothing. Other dance forms wear babuchas such as belly dancers (they call them harem pants) and hip hop dancers. There are many benefits to wearing babuchas for Argentine Tango and other dance forms:

Breathable: Fabric is stretchy, soft, and light weight

Movement: Gathering at the bottom keeps stilettos from getting caught

Versatile: Can keep the cuffs at the ankle or bring them up below the knee and wear them as a capri

Stylish: Can be worn casual with a simple top or dressed up with a skirt or dress layered on top

Over the years I have seen many renditions of the babucha. Here are all the styles I came across at Chicago Dance Supply:

[oqeygallery id=1]

Jade by Darcos: cotton, fold down pant, with slit on the out-seam (shows off a glimpse of leg at all the right moments)

Clasica by Darcos: cotton, fold down pant, with no slit (dress it up by layering with a skirt or dress)

Aladino by Darcos: cotton, slit on the out-seam, with ribbon detail, and ties at ankle

Classic Babucha by Tango-Imagen: seda fria (cold silk) a very soft, light weight fabric similar to microfiber that moves beautifully, slit on the out-seam

Gatos con Bordado by Tango-Imagen: seda fria, slit on the out-seam, extra fabric from slits can be worn tied or untied, hand sewn beaded embellishments around waist, cuff just below knee

Mariposa by Tango-Imagen: sedia fria, slit on the out-seam, extra fabric creates the look of wings on sides

Whether you are an Argentine tango dancer, belly dancer, hip hop dancer, or just a fan of the look, babuchas are both comfortable and stylish and are a must have in any wardrobe. Stop by the store and see what style you like most!