Recital Season

Recital season is creeping around the corner. You, or your child, have been working hard all year and now it is time to perform! There are many benefits to being part of a recital. First, the student has the opportunity to practice being on stage in front of a live audience. Second, the student can take pride through demonstrating their progress and perform what they have learned throughout the year. Next, students learn choreography and practice memory and interpretation. Lastly, students not only learn how to perform but to express story telling through dance. All in all, recitals are an exciting time for students with many benefits.

Start the recital season off on the right foot, and make sure you are prepared by following  this checklist:

Student Checklist

  1. Tights: Ask the instructor what style and color
  2. Accessories: Rhinestone studs are a small, inexpensive item to add a little shine around your face
  3. Shoes: What color, style, and material does the instructor want?
  4. Garment Bag: To keep costumes safe, clean, and wrinkle free
  5. Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue: Make sure it is okay with your instructor
  6. Hairnets, Hair Pins, Hair Elastics, Hair Spray
  7. Stitch Kit: Be prepared for mishaps like costume rips or broken straps
  8. Make Up and Make Up Remover
  9. Nude Undergarments: Nude leotards for quick changes, nude bras for extra support
  10. Dance Belt: For the men and boy dancers

Teacher Checklist

  1. Costumes for your students: Order now to make sure everything comes in on time.
  2. Accessories: What accessories are your dancers wearing?
  3. Shoes: What color, style, and material do you want your students to wear?
  4. Eyelashes: Will you require your students to wear them?
  5. Tights: What color and style do the students need?
  6. Dates and Times: Make sure to tell your parents/students the when, where, etc. It’s best to have it on paper so that parents/students have the information in their hands.

In addition to the items on these checklists, don’t forget about recital gifts! Here are some ideas:

A simple and great gift for dance teachers!

Recital Gift Ideas

For Teachers: Small things that pertain to their style of dance are great gifts for your instructor. Keychains, legwarmers, and gift certificates to their favorite dance store are simple but great gifts for teachers. Maybe include some flowers to show appreciation for all their hard work.

For the achy feet after a performance!

For Mature Students: A performance or instructional dance DVD, warm-ups for class, therapeutic items such as foot rollers, foot balm and muscle and joint gel.

For Teen Students: New fashion leotard, dance bag, stylish dance socks

For Grade School Students: Cute accessories like a ballerina necklace, rhinestone hair twisties, dance bag

For Preschool/Kindergarten Students: A rhinestone tiara, fun tutu, a ballerina music box