Capezio Basic Studio FishnetWhat is the difference between basic and professional grade fishnets?
Basic fishnets, made of nylon, are softer, thinner, and less supportive than professional grade fishnets. Professional fishnets are constructed from a sturdy nylon and spandex mesh combo. They extremely durable and supportive, and often also have a cloth pad at the sole of the foot for added comfort. They are usually higher in price than basic fishnets but have the potential to last far longer. Capezio, Danskin, and Sansha are some dance supply brands that offer both professional and basic studio fishnets.
Capezio Professional Fishnet with Rhinestone BackseamFishnet stockings also exist in a wide variety of styles, including footed, footless, and thigh-high. Dancers may also choose fishnets with a backseam, a seam running down the entire length of the back of the leg. This look, which gives legs an elongated appearance, is especially popular among vintage style burlesque and theatrical jazz dancers. Fishnets have also become a popular trend in salsa dance and roller derby fashion. New, innovative styles of fashion fishnets are on the rise, too. Brands like Leg Avenue offer a vast variety of fishnets, often varying in color and mesh patterns. Which style will you choose?