Kirby Reed

what you'd see on Kirby Reed's Facebook wall today...

Kirby Reed’s Bac 2 Life Tribute brought together friends, family, past and present students, peers and mentors.  People came to pay their respect to the esteemed Chicagoland teacher/choreographer.  “I’m so grateful that you could all be here and to see me vertical…  And not in a box.  This is not a funeral and I’m so grateful to be here to see you all, and for you to see me.”

Despite his physical limitations due to his two strokes and heart attack several years ago, Kirby continues to inspire others.  Whether through his daily “pearls” on Facebook or his exhilarating jazz classes at  Gus Giordano Dance Center, Kirby forges ahead.  “I’ve always wanted to make people feel better about themselves,” says Reed in a past interview with Time Out’s Zachary Whittenburg. “That’s why I started teaching, you know?”

Proceeds from the benefit will help Kirby pay for immediate living expenses.  For more information or to join Kirby Reed’s Recovery Tour, please contact Gus Giordano Dance Center Chicago.

Kirby Reed

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