five positions of ballet

five positions of ballet

You’ve been thinking about ballet, haven’t you?  Tights, leotards, slippers…snoods?  Maybe you took ballet class as a child.  Could it be that you’re bored with the same old work out routine?  And how about those  2012 Olympic gymnastics medalists?  Whatever your inspiration, you want to know more and more.  Could it be that you’re even watching and learning ballet from youtube videos in your spare time?

Joel Hall Dancers and Center Chicago, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth/CDS

Joel Hall Dancers and Center Chicago, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth/CDS

Of course, there are many reasons to choose youtube over an actual dance class: convenience, affordability, privacy to name a few.  But have you thought about taking class at your local dance studio?  If you’re interested in learning ballet, here are five reasons for you to consider taking a class at your local dance studio verus learning from a vido:

5 reasons to take ballet class instead of learning from a video

#5  Set up

It might be possible for you to create enough space in your living room in order for you to practice your pliés, however, a ballet studio is designed with safety and functionality in mind:  adequate space to battement, a smooth surface to rond de jambe à terre, a sprung floor for jetés, and full-length mirrors to

Gus Giordano Dance School Chicago

Gus Giordano Dance School Chicago, Katy Nielsen/MEDILL

execute adagio, all contribute to a full dance experience.

#4  Music

There are no variants in videos unless you have the ability to slow it down or speed it up.  Alternatively, well prepared dance teachers present exercises to piano accompaniment that provoke inspiration and challenge your musicality.  Some ballet studios even offer live piano accompaniment.  It is common for the class to acknowledge the pianist with applause at the end of class for a job well done.  For some, music is the impetus for the movement.

#3 Meet up

When you’re not in the mood to socialize, dancing in the privacy of your own home is perfect.  But if you’re in the mind set to grow and learn with other like minded ballet enthusiasts, the ballet studio is the way to go.  Many life-long friendships have been borne from a love of dance.

#2 Expertise

Youtube videos are free.  However, the dance experience pales in comparison to what you get when you take a dance class at a studio with a qualified dance instructor.  Good teachers will will provide you with essential ballet vocabulary, deliver feedback as

needed and have your safety in mind at all times.   Great teachers will address your questions, acknowledge your best efforts, and demand that you settle for nothing short of excellence.

#1 Community

My number one reason?  By taking dance class in lieu of a video, you join the local community in the quest to keep dance viable.  Many dance studios and dance companies live on a shoe string budget in order to keep their doors open.  Some private and government grants may be available for these small businesses, but

Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago

Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth/CDS

it’s always barely enough.  For many people, young and old, dance becomes an integral part of their lives.

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P.S.  Feel free to replace “ballet” and the ballet terminology in this article with the dance of your choice (tap, tango, belly dance, flamenco, hip-hop, etc.)!