It can be a chore to change from a sweaty leotard and tights to regular pedestrian clothing and even more to change from pedestrian clothing back into a still sweaty leotard and tights. These quick changes between dance classes and academic classes and vice versa are typical for college students pursuing a minor or major in dance or theater. Some students end up wearing sweat pants and a hoodie over their dance apparel, but is there a more stylish option? Two words: “Cover Ups”! Feel confident and stylish in front of your fellow academic peers with these breathable fabrics and styles that are easy to slip on and off between dance classes. Great prices for students on a budget!

Layer over tights for instant cuteness. $18

Asymmetrical Racer Back Dress

Colorful and Stylish. $18

Sheer Stars Overlay

Beautiful sheer overlay. $16

Sheer One Sleeve Overlay

Sheer One Sleeve Overlay. $18