The big day is tomorrow and every year I think that I am going to not over stuff myself on some of the best food all year, and every year I’m on the couch a few hours later sleeping off my food coma.  Well, this yes is going to be different with these few helpful tips on how to not over do it on the turkey and fixings but still enjoy it all!

1. If you are in charge of cooking a dish or many you can ensure that it is healthy by cutting back on some sugars and preservatives. By adding natural sweeteners and spices like honey and cinnamon you can enjoy cranberry sauce and pie without feeling so guilty!

2. Load up on veggies and the lower calorie foods first.  This means digging into the sweet potatoes, real cranberries, corn and anything else that’s on your table.  Try to make either your first helping low calorie foods first or at least of third of your plate.  This way you know for sure you are getting some good food in your belly to help you digest the heavier foods to come!

3. Don’t starve yourself all day in order to “save up room” for the big meal. This only makes your digestive system slow and your stomach small.  In order to make sure that you can enjoy all of the day and the food it brings eat normally and take your time when eating.  Allow yourself to truly indulge on each bite of food.  By taking your time, you will allow your body to register that it is full, which will in turn prevent over eating.

4. Give yourself time to have a nice work out before the meal.  This will keep your hunger pangs at bay and make you feel less guilty about indulging in that 2nd or 3rd piece of pie 🙂

5. This is my favorite bit of advice . . . eat dessert at breakfast.  Not many people can stomach a piece of pie at breakfast, but if you can, eat your dessert first so that you body can spend the whole day digesting it!

Over all, eat what you like and enjoy every bite! Happy Gobble Gobble Day!