Did you know that Chicago Dance Supply carries a wide range of styles in pointe shoes? Our expert staff is ready to fit all shapes and sizes of feet as well as all shapes and sizes of wallets. New to pointe shoe lingo? To better understand the descriptions of the different styles of pointe shoes refer to this graph of the Anatomy of a Pointe Shoe.

The Anatomy of a Pointe Shoe by Chicago Dance Supply

The Anatomy of a Pointe Shoe

Grishko Pointe Shoes 2007 at Chicago Dance Supply

Grishko Pointe Shoes 2007

Julietta Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

Repetto Pointe Shoes Julietta and Carotta

Our most popular brands include Grishko 2007 and Repetto Carlotta. Grishko’s are a Russian made shoe and the 2007 style, from my experience, fits many different types of feet. It has a long sleek silhouette, with a medium length “V” shaped vamp, high side wings, narrower platform, and tapered box. The 3/4 shank molds perfectly into the arch and the overall hardness to the shoe will make your feet work and grow strong. This is a good shoe for long toes, medium to narrow width, and strong and/or flexible arches. The Repetto Carlotta also fits a wide variety of foot types. This brand hails from Paris, France. The Carlotta style has a broad platform and box, medium vamp, and shorter box. The box and the 3/4 shank are more supple and flexible then the Grishko 2007’s. This style is ideal for people with broad feet, short toes, and less flexible arches. The Julieta style of Repetto is very similar to the Carlotta in shape, however, it is an extremely soft shoe, both in shank and box. It is best recommended for beginners or for professionals looking for a shoe that will break in super fast.


Gamba 97 Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

Gamba 97: High Vamp, short box, wide platform, flexible wings. This shoe aids in the articulation of the feet which is beneficial for beginners. Also comes in an extreme narrow width.

Capezio Tendu II Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

Capezio Tendu II: Pre-arched shank, medium vamp, broad platform and box. Recommended for toes of the same length with broader feet.

Capezio Tiffany Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

Capezio Tiffany: Slightly tapered box with a shorter vamp and pre-arched shank. Ideal for a medium width foot with shorter to longer toes that need moderate support.

Capezio Tiffany Pro Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

Capezio Tiffany Pro: Close to the same design as the Tiffany except for extra padding on the platform that decreases pointe work noise.

Fuzi 3/4 Shank Pointe Shoe and V-Vamp Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

Fuzi pointe shoes have broader and shorter boxes for easy roll through and balance. They come in six different styles. The two fully carried styles at Chicago Dance Supply are the V-Vamp (great for high arches) and the 3/4 Shank. Fuzi pointe shoes are hard both in shank and box and best for dancers with strong feet.

I wouldn’t advise buying a pointe shoe based on price as it is very important to be fitted correctly in the best shoe for your foot. However, for those on a budget we do have a few brands that offer less expensive options (such as Fuzi for only $50) as well as pointe shoes that we have on sale.

Sansha Recital Pointe Shoe in Flesh Satin

ONLY $49 Sansha Recital: Available in Flesh Satin. Has a wide platform, medium to high vamp, and broad box. This is a great shoe for men and women with strong, broad feet.

Principal Diamond Pointe Shoe at Chicago Dance Supply

SALE $26 Principal Diamond: Very similar in shape to the Principal J style, this shoe has a broad and short box, low to medium vamp, with a 3/4 shank. This is a very hard shoe and recommended for professionals or students with strong feet.

Remember, pointe shoe fittings are by appointments only, to ensure you receive expert attention to your fitting. Give us a call at 773-728-5344 to set your appointment up today!