For many years, “cleanses” have been in the media as something to do in order to flush out your system to “start over”.  However, if you really look into many of these great bodily cleanses you see that most of the time you can’t do anything else while doing them, and they often last around 10 days in length.  Then, after the 10 day period of eating nothing and just drinking lemon water, you need another week or so in order to get food back into your diet.  Well, for someone who is constantly on the move and active this just isn’t an option. But I wanted to do something to get back into fighting shape after the holiday slump. So, with some further research I have finally debunked the long term cleanse and found a way that an active person, like a dancer, can do a realistic cleanse without feeling the need to run to the bathroom every hour or passing out.

Perks of Lemons

The reason why most cleanses have you drinking some sort of lemon water is due to the fact that lemon alkalizes the body, meaning it balances out your system.  This is great because it helps to flush out unwanted toxins and keeps the good stuff like good bacteria.  Drinking 1-3 cups of green tea a day is not only good for kick starting your metabolism and fighting cancer, but it’s also good for getting rid of toxins. Add a quarter of a lemon to your cup of green tea and you have a cup of daily cleansing deliciousness!


Veggies, of Course

If you aren’t a vegetarian then completely cutting out meat could seem a little drastic, but having a higher amount of veggies in your diet can help you cleanse your body as well. Veggies help you move food through your digestive system due to the  high concentration of fiber.  And because of it’s high water content, veggies also help you stay hydrated.  Fiber and water together can help relieve your body of unnecessary toxins.   A great vegetable of choice is broccoli.  Broccoli has a ton of protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals.  You can get full off of eating veggies in any dish. I like to add a grain source like quinoa or barley to help fill me up.  Here’s a great list of “10 protein packed plants“. Check it out for more yummy options . . .


Getting off of that holiday sugar kick can be tough. But try replacing your holiday sweets with a piece of fruit.  This will easily help you to shed some holiday weight gain and still feel satisfied.  Fruits also have all of the great benefits that veggies have including increased fiber, increased water, and anti-toxins.  In addition, fruits will give you the little sugar boost you may need to help get you through the afternoon, or replenish you after class after class, or to help revive you during any slump.  Bring on the sweets!


While meat isn’t bad to have in your diet, as you probably have heard, too much of one thing can be a bad thing.  Try limiting your meat intake to one meal a day and keep the portion to the size of the palm of your hand.  This can help keep some salty, fatty toxins out of your body.  I find that by eating less meat and by increasing my intake of high plant proteins in my body I can still feel full and satisfied throughout my day.


One thing to keep in mind while your cleansing your system is to stay away from any toxins that you knowingly put in your body like simple sugar sweets, caffeine (which is my biggest vice), and fats.


By following these simple adjustments to your diet you can hopefully cleanse your body while staying active.  Who knows?   You might like the effects so much you might just stick with these healthy changes. Remember to keep drinking lots of water to help flush out any toxins and to keep hydrated!


Good luck and happy dancing!



Here is a link to popular cleanse and detox diets: