Thanks to our gracious hosts, Wes and Betsy, my husband Mike and I enjoyed an evening at the Town Club’s “Snow Ball” dance.  Please enjoy the photo album below!


Town Club, which meets regularly in the historic Kenilworth Club Assembly Hall, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014.  More than once throughout the night, we were reminded by members that “Town Club is a social club that dances”.  My husband, who claims he is not a dancer, gave a positive review of the evening in the end.  He very much appreciated that dancers of all levels are welcomed.  He said  the most enjoyable time for him was meeting and chatting with other members, but dancing to the live music was fun as well.


Indeed, there are several traditions that members honor to encourage a social atmosphere at their black-tie affairs.  Some traditions include:

  • assigned hosts for new members
  • name tags and a reception line greeting
  • dance cards
  • boy-girl-boy seating/no sitting next to your spouse at dinner
  • pre-dinner cocktails with open bar
  • mid-dance cocktails with open bar


Gentlemen are expected to follow certain rules of etiquette so that every lady at the dance is likely to have a nice time.    For instance, one firm rule is that one should never leave a lady alone at a table.   After each dance, her partner escorts her back to her seat.  He is expected to wait until the arrival of someone else before he leaves.


The full evening begins at 5:30pm with a dance lesson (this month was American tango taught by Alex Arteaga) followed by cocktails, dinner, and then dancing to live music.


For more information on membership and events at Town Club, please contact them at