Everyone wants to know how dancers get any job from an audition. Well for the most part you will never know for sure why on dancer gets picked over another. There is a wide range of qualities that a director is looking for form height, body type, eye color, to overall movement quality.  There will be an audition in which a dancer is chosen to move on to the next round and you are cut and you’re thinking, “I am a way better dancer than her,” but it could be that there is something that that person other than ability that the director is looking at.  However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you at least receive attention in all of the right ways.

1)From the moment you walk into the audition you have to believe that you will get the job.  You don’t need to be cocky about your abilities but be confident in your skills.  You wouldn’t be at the audition if you didn’t think you could dance.

2) Give yourself plenty of time to get to the audition early so that you know you’re in the right spot. This also ensures that you will have plenty of time to warm up, because most likely there will not be a group warm up.

3) Wear to proper clothing. Make sure you wear an outfit that is tight fitting, but that is also flattering to you. If you look awesome in a halter leotard are shorts than wear that.  Whatever is the most comfortable for you to dance in (besides sweats!) is what you should wear, that way it is one less thing to worry about.

4) Put the power in your hands.  At the audition think to yourself “I am checking out this company as much as they are checking out me.” As soon as you do that it takes the pressure off.  Just because a company offers you a job, doesn’t mean that you have to accept.  If something seems really off from the company or they just rub you the wrong way don’t work with them.  Remember you are joining a family so you should like it right off the bat.

5) Have fun.  It may sound really weird, but the moment I stopped taking the audition process seriously and just had fun being there dancing and meeting fellow dancers in the community I started getting offers.  Once you let go and start enjoying the process it shows in your entire body.  And if you’re having fun, show it on your face and in your dancing, the director wants to see that you enjoy dancing.

Hopefully these helpful hints will help you out during this what is expected be a full audition season.  Below is a list of a few dance companies in Chicago and their audition dates.

Remember if you really love a company and don’t get accepted right away, keep trying! Director’s like to see that you really care about their company.  Don’t be shy about taking open company classes and really promoting yourself as a dancer.  You are your best friend in this business, so give yourself a pat on the back every time you audition. Keep it light, and remind yourself that it is always an experience!


* Click on the dates to go to the audition web page

Giordano Dance Chicago: Company Auditions March 3,

Thodos Dance Chicago: Company Auditions March 9 and May 4, 

Thodos Dance Chicago:New Dances March 10

River North Dance Chicago: Company Auditions March 17

Visceral Dance Chicago: Company Auditions April 21

Inaside Chicago Dance: Company Auditions May 13, August 5


*Check in with websites of the companies you like, their audition dates may be posted soon!