Looking for something substantial and sustaining or refreshing and light?  A quick snack or on the go meal?  Smoothies fit the bill.

The typical dancer schedule doesn’t lend it self to long sit down meals (though I firmly believe it should be made a priority to have as many of these as possible).  Most dancers spend their days running between class, work, school, rehearsals, work, class…quick meals are often the only option.  Fast food is a no-no-usually high in fat, salt, and highly processed ingredients.  Blech.

Smooth and easy

I’d never considered having a smoothie for anything but a snack, but after doing a little research I’ve discovered that depending on what you mix in it can also be a great, quick meal option. Keep a few basic ingredients in your fridge and freezer, invest in a decent blender if you don’t have one (not really a big ticket item) and you’re set. After this the main thing to do (besides the actual smoothie prep) is figure out what your body needs.

Snack time

Are you hungry after rehearsal and need something to keep you going until your next meal? Time for what I think of as a “typical” smoothie. My recipe for this is simple-oj, plain yogurt (I like the Greek style), frozen fruit (my fave is a raspberry/blueberry combo) and 1/2 a banana-a great way to make it thicker and more nutritious. Whirl it in the blender and you’re set.

Meal time

Until recently, the smoothie above was all I knew about it-silly me.  One day I found this great chart and it opened my eyes to other possibilities.  Take a look:

smoothie chart from gourmande in the kitchen

Courtesy of Tips & Tricks: How to Make a Smoothie


You really can substitute a smoothie for a meal, especially if you’re running and short on time-adding protein in the form of protein powder or (I really like this idea) some peanut butter takes things to another level.   If you look on the chart you can see other suggestions like greens and green tea-things that weren’t really in the smoothie ingredients category in my mind, but now they’re definitely something I’m going to try.  Just keep in mind what your body needs (you wouldn’t eat a steak for a snack, or have a sweet for a main course) and you’ll be fine. Drink up and enjoy!