Photo: Sansha Pro Canvas in Grey. Dancer: Jeremy Hays. Photos: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth

Jeremy demonstrates tendu

1. Pull up and be grounded at the same time. Think of extending your head to the sky and your standing leg to the earth. Try to maintain a square posture with your upper body as you tendu with the shoulders square over the hips.

Jeremy Hays Tendu

2. Initiate movement of the working leg from your core. Remember that the tendu is the precursor for larger or more dynamic movements such as grande battement. If you would like deeper understanding of this concept, consider working with your dance, Pilates or Gyrotonics instructor.

Jeremy Hays demonstrates tendu

3. Articulate through the foot. There are 26 bones in the foot. Think of articulating through these joints. Lead with the heel to achieve your best turnout.

Jeremy Hays Tendu

4. Fight the tendency to invert or sickle by using the muscles on the outside of your ankle. Using your everters will ensure that you achieve a straight line with your foot.

Jeremy Tendu

5. Return the foot to the starting position by initiating the movement from your core. Articulate through the joints of the foot as you maintain contact with the floor. Think of returning the heel last to maintain the best turnout.

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