Chicago Dance Supply is proud to introduce two new lines of women’s tango shoes: Souple/Yuli B and Bandolera/Axis Tango!

Souple/Yuli B:
Unlike many other tango shoes, Argentinian made Souple features suede soles and all natural leathers. Other loved features are the placement of the heel and the cushion underneath the ball of the foot. The suede sole creates flexibility and better articulation which gives you great control over your pivot and a good grip that prevents from sliding especially when the floor is slippery. In order to maintain the suede you need to brush periodically unless you prefer the sole to become more slick. The comfortable cushion creates a lot of support and lets your feet last for many hours. The placement of the heel gives you good balance and supports your axis. The soft leather makes you feel like you are wearing slippers because the moment you put them on, your foot molds into the shoe like a glove. Souple models are simple and elegant, made to visually and physically blend with the dance and become a part of the dancer’s movement.

Bandolera/Axis Tango:
Bandolera artisans don’t limit themselves to crafting the optimal shoe only from the aesthetic point of view – elevating the beauty of the design and the use of the latest fashion colors and materials above everything else – but are first and foremost interested in creating a functional form. The engineering and positioning of the heel gives the dancers superior support, balance, and stability. Bandolera tango shoes also have a unique feature – extra padded inner soles, so that you feel as if you are dancing and walking on soft clouds. On most models, you can choose a 9 cm/3.5 inch or 7 cm/2.7 inch heel height, thus giving you smart heel height options for every occasion and every taste. The company’s goal is is to enable all women to be able to dance without pain and with comfort and to produce shoes with a level of suppleness, lightness and durability over any other product. Judging by the enthusiastic and positive feedback of many happy clients the world over, they have succeeded!

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