I have two boys of my own. I remember teaching ballet class with my first born strapped to my back. My youngest took my creative movement class with his older sister. They’ve long since stopped dancing moving on to other sports and activities. I encourage them in whatever they’re interests may be, of course. It just happens that dance is not a priority in their lives like it was for me growing up.

So, when a young boy comes in to the shop excited to get a new pair of shoes or tights for his dance class, I’m always interested to learn from the parents. How did they do it? How did they get their boy to take dance and actually like it?

Well, it’s not uncommon for me to get a smile and a shrug from the parents. It’s him, they tell me. He’s the one who wants to dance. Take Ian for example. He realized that he was the only boy in class when he was three. It seemed to bother him for about a second. Then he decided, on his own, that he wanted to dance, even if it meant that he was the only boy in class. I love this.

Here’s Ian. His sisters are also dancers, and are a source of inspiration for him.

Thanks for visiting with me at the shop! I hope to see you again soon 😉