Perched on our second floor, the CDS crew and I watched the festivities of Midsommar Fest from our window. We had the perfect view of the Berwyn Street stage from our own “box seat”. We cheered and hooted as the Chicago Spirit Brigade performed a lengthy number to pop hits performing high flying cheerleading tosses, popping chests, and throwing snaps to a loving crowd. The Chicago Spirit Brigade performance exemplified the amazing Andersonville community that we at CDS are happy to serve and the spirit of dance. We saw dancers of all genders, sizes, ages, sexualities, and races perform to an equally diverse crowd. Dance united a crowd. Dance created a space for unbridled expression. And that’s what’s so fantastic about the dance community. For every time I hear about the competition and cattiness of the dance world I see and experience the joy that dance brings to the lives of everyone. Dance isn’t about executing more pirouettes than the dancer next to you, but executing a step with and for other people and for yourself! So keep dancing!!

And stay tuned for Chicago Dance Supply at Andersonville’s Sidewalk Sale in July! We’ll see you there!



The Chicago Spirit Brigade from the window of Chicago Dance Supply. Photo by Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth