Chicago Dance Supply welcomes a new shipment of Souple/YuliB women’s tango shoes this week! Souple/YuliB offers stylish stilettos and soft, supple soles that are popular with tango maestras such as Geraldine Rojas, Noelia Hurtado, Virginia Pandolfi and Carolina Bonaventura.

What others say about Souple (courtesy

“Souple shoes are unique in that they are supportive, yet soft and flexible enough to really feel the floor when I dance. They are are the only heeled shoe that I have that really allows to me point and flex my foot with almost the same range of motion as flat. Wonderful!” Tatiana M

“I just bought my first pair of Souple tango shoes, and I am thrilled with the way they perform! So beautiful, yet so comfortable and well-fitted to my feet. I feel like I can do anything in them. From now on, I am treating my feet to Souple!” Noelle T

“After my fourth pair I want so share…I think Souple is “the best” tango shoes in the market. The suede sole and extra cushion can get you dancing all night and your feet won’t hurt. The special heel placement gives an extraordinary extra balance. The more you use the better your shoes will be as it completely molds into your feet.
The design? Oh, I love the sexy design of Souple. They are the Manolo’s of Tango. I have a special weakness for the tan colors that matches every outfit with total elegance. Sexy, confortable, elegant and Souple! Thanks Yuli for bringing Souple to the U.S ” Mariana M

“Yuli, I’m absolutely LOVING the T-Talon’s I got from you last week, never imagined that dancing tango could actually NOT cause pain in my feet! I’m going to hold your shoes directly responsible for increasing my dancing from once every 2 weeks, to twice every week…I still can’t believe how much difference the shoe can make!” Melody Q

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Souple/YuliB T Talon Tiger

Souple/YuliB Cross_Beige_w_Snake_Skin Souple/YuliB Basico_Cobalt_blue