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How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot:

Feeling and looking your best is half the battle.  Whether you are shooting your engagement, professional head shots, dance portraits, or any other special occasion, BE PREPARED.   Follow our timeline of tips to set yourself up for a fun, stress free, fabulous day in front of the camera.

1-2 Weeks Before:

  • PRACTICE.  This seems silly, but it works.  Practice facials in the mirror (find your perfect smile, intense looks, other looks).  Practice your poses in front of a mirror.  Look for inspirations in magazines and online.
  • TEST WARDROBE.  Actually put it on and make sure you are happy with the fit.  Select several options.
  • MODEL RELEASE.  Make sure you have reviewed any model release and/or contract from your photographer.  No surprises.
  • SCOUT LOCATIONS.  If your photographer is leaving this up to you, check stuff out.  Look during the time of day you want to shoot and take notes.
  • EXERCISE.  A healthy toned body always looks better on camera.  Don’t go crazy.  If you don’t work out do little things like take the stairs, push ups in the morning, stretching.  A good sweat is great for freshening up your skin.
  • KEEP OUT OF THE SUN.  It dries out skin and can leave tan lines.  If you want a tan, now is the time to try out self-tanning products or a spray.  Tell them about your shoot date to ensure you won’t be a tangerine on camera.
  • CLEAN EATING.  Try to eat more natural, less processed food and drinks.  Everything that goes in your mouth affects your skin, teeth, hair, body, everything.  Be smart.  It’s fun to go for more clean eating before your shoot.  It creates excitement.

2-3 Days Before:

  • Do wax or shave now.  Make sure facial hair is under control.
  • Don’t have your facial hair waxed 3 days prior to a shoot to allow for irritation to disappear.  
  • Do check your hair.  Get a trim.  Don’t try anything wild or new, opt for deep conditioning.  If you color your hair, now is a good time to get roots done or a refresher.  
  • Don’t try new products or beauty treatments.
  • Do drink plenty of water.  Avoid salty foods and alcohol so that you are not puffy on the day.

Day/Night Before:

  • REST. Get plenty before a shoot.  Sleep at least 8 hours the night before.
  • PACK. This gives you time to ensure you have what you need.  If not, there is time to fix the scenario.  Do bring more than you think you’ll need. You never know how the lighting and background will work with your options.
  • HANDS/FEET. Check nails & toe nails for polish.  Clean and neutral always looks best.
  • BROWS.  Touch up eyebrows.  Don’t over do it.  
  • WASH HAIR.  Unless you have very oily hair, wash you hair the day before, not the day of.  Second day hair is more manageable.

Day Of:

  • Wash your face and apply your usual moisturizer.  If you have a makeup artist, confirm with them, but they usually prefer a bare face.  You can do it.
  • Wear a button up shirt to not mess up makeup or hair.  Be comfortable.
  • Eat light.  Nothing super heavy.  Not too much caffeine.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive.  Rushing around will leave you flustered and over heated.
  • RELAX and ENJOY.

Makeup Do’s and Dont’s:

  • When in doubt, go natural.  Stay away from metallics and glossy finishes.  Go matte and clean.  
  • Don’t buy a ton of new makeup and test it day of.  Spare yourself and try new shades a few days before.  The morning of is never a good time to test that new lip stain.

Wardrobe Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Bring 5-6 outfits.  Choose things you love.  They should vary but bring something dark, light, unique and funky, casual, dressy, etc.
  • Consider necklines.  Mixing it up will add variety.
  • Think texture and avoid prints and patterns.
  • Don’t forget shoes.  They may not be seen or needed but if so make sure they are clean and polished.  Have options.

For the Dancers:

  • Stretch.  Find time on set (before scheduled shoot time) to warm up.  Jumping jacks are always great for creating quick heat.  Hold a plank.  Do what you need, you know your body.
  • Bring warm ups.  Sets can be very cold and you will be happier not as a dancing icicle.
  • Spray those fly aways.  Yes we can see them on camera.  Make sure to check the back of your hair as well.
  • Check your shoes.  All though you may love those finally worn in, comfy 6 month old ballet slippers with the perfect hole in the toe, they won’t look good on camera.  Guaranteed.