Flamenco Chicago is the city’s most established and welcoming center teaching contemporary flamenco dance to a primarily adult student body.   Studio owner and artistic director Rosetta Magdalen has created a step-by-step training methodology that allows anyone to learn this beautiful and mysterious dance form.   Rosetta has more than 20 years of experience as a flamenco dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and about her, the Chicago Tribune writes, “beautiful, seductive movement . . . with the coiled power of a tiger ready to pounce”.  Despite the “tiger ready to pounce” description, the hallmark of Flamenco Chicago’s Belleza Flamenca™ system of training is loving attention while helping each student to tap her own self-expression and excellence.   The studio’s goal is to make the process fun, accessible to everyone, and life-changing.  

Check out our video of Rosetta at Chicago’s Agora Sculpture:

Upcoming Performance:

Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light Performance Series

November 29, 2015  3:15p-4p

Museum of Science & Industry @ 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive


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