Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival 2016 is coming up and Chicago Dance Supply will be there selling elegant and unique Burju dance shoes! Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festivial 2016 will be held March 25-28th at the Hilton Rosemont in Chicago. CSBF features classes, live music, dance showcases, and more. There is truly something for everyone! Check out their website for more information and registration.


Chicago Dance Supply will be selling Burju dance shoes at CSBF! We are also carrying them in store for a limited time only. These fierce looks won’t stick around long, so get them before they’re gone! Check out our selection on our online store, at Chicago Dance Supply, or at Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival 2016!

 vaneno gry met 4in

Vaneno, 4″ stiletto heel, $130

relle snake 4 in

Relle, 4″ stiletto heel, $125

la alamena 4in red

La Alemana, 3″ flare heel or 4″ stiletto heel, $115

trionyx 4 in burg

Trionyx, 3″ flare heel or 4″ stiletto heel, $115


Jorjet, 3″ flare heel or 3.5″ stiletto heel, $115