In honor of Chicago Dance Month and Chicago Dance Supply’s 13th Anniversary, we’ll be celebrating the diversity of dance with 13 Days of Dance! Starting April 13th, each day we will feature a specific style of dance.  For each in store purchase  of $50 or more at Chicago Dance Supply in that day’s featured dance style you’ll receive an additional 13 stamps on your Frequent Buyer Card . Remember, a full stamp card (10 stamps) is valid for $10 off your next purchase! This free gift is available to all members of Chicago Dance Supply’s Frequent Buyer Club. Not a member of the Frequent Buyer Club? Sign up for free on your next trip to CDS to get your free stamps during 13 Days of Dance! Check out our Facebook page for daily highlights, photos, and products! Happy dancing, Chicago!

13 Days of Dance 2016

April 13th: Ballroom

April 14th: Tap

April 15th: Flamenco

April 16th: Tango

April 17th: Praise/Liturgical

April 18th: Burlesque

April 19th: Salsa

April 20th: Hip Hop

April 21st: Swing

April 22nd: Stepping

April 23rd: Ballet

April 24th: Contemporary

April 25th: Jazz

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