Recital season is in full swing. Make sure to stock up on our recital essentials to ensure the best performance possible! You’ve worked hard all year, show off your new skills in style!

1. Euroskins Seamless Camisole Liner
Euroskin Liner
Euroskins seamless camisole liners are perfect for wearing underneath sheer costumes. They are lightweight and seamless, making them invisible on stage while giving you extra coverage. They come with clear and nude interchangeable straps that can be configured to meet your needs. These lightweight leotards are a must have item during recital season.
Euroskins Seamless Camisole Liner, $22

2. Bunheads Hair Nets
Hair nets
Bunheads hair nets are great for making a classic ballet bun. Simply wrap around the bun and secure with bobby pins to achieve a long lasting bun ideal for the stage. These sturdy hair nets come in packs of three. Pick up an extra pack before your recital to ensure that your hair will be recital ready!
Bunheads Hair Nets, $2.75

3. Capezio Transition Tights
Capezio trans tights
You can never have too many tights! Capezio transition tights, available in a variety of colors, are great for the studio and the stage. They are comfortable, durable, and run resistant. Transition tights are nice because they can be worn as either footless or footed tights. Make sure you have a backup pair for recital season just in case!
Capezio Transition Tights, $18

4. Bunheads Hair Pins
These large hairpins are great for securing your bun, especially if you have long or thick hair. Because they are open and extra long they work a lot better than regular bobby pins. Make sure you grab some before your upcoming recital to achieve the perfect show-ready bun!
Bunheads Hair Pins, $7.50

5. Russian Pointe Pointe Shoes
unnamed (11)
If you’re performing en pointe for your recital, make sure your pointe shoes are in mint condition for the stage. Russian Pointe brand pointe shoes are our top seller at Chicago Dance Supply. With 8 different models, Russian Pointe has a shoe for nearly every foot type. Call 773-728-5344 to schedule your pointe shoe fitting appointment at Chicago Dance Supply today!
Russian Pointe Sapfir, $90

6. Capezio EJ2 Slip On Jazz Shoe
These slip on leather jazz shoes come in caramel and black. They are our best selling jazz shoe because of their comfort, durability, and sleek silhouette. Make sure you have a fresh pair of your favorite jazz shoe for the stage.
Capezio EJ2 Capezio Slip On Jazz Shoe, $43

7. Grishko Performance Canvas Ballet Slippers
Grishko Performance Canvas Ballet Slipper
Canvas ballet slippers are great for feeling the floor and molding to the foot, but they can wear down more quickly than leather slippers. Make sure your canvas ballet slippers are clean and new for your upcoming recital. These Grishko slippers are especially nice because of their padded design, thicker more durable canvas, and elastic in the arch that makes any pointed foot look like a million bucks.
Grishko Performance Canvas Ballet Slippers, $32

8.Russian Pointe Fleece Booties
Russian Pointe Fleece Booties
These fleece booties are great for keeping your feet warm both backstage and in the studio. A perfect mate to your Russian Pointe pointe shoes, these booties come in black, gray, and purple. These booties make a great gift for any ballerina.
Russian Pointe Fleece Booties, $21

9. Bunheads Instant Jet Glue
Bunheads Instant Jet Glue
Jet glue is essential for all pointe dancers. Apply a thin layer to the shank or inside of the toe box to extend the life of your pointe shoes. Great for a quick fix during recital season, always have some jet glue on hand.
Bunheads Instant Jet Glue, $11

10. Bunheads Footsie Roller
Bunheads Footsie Roller
This foot roller is great for a quick massage when your feet are tired and crampy from hours of rehearsal, class, and performances. Roll over your arch and instep for instant relief. This roller is great to have on hand backstage in case your feet need a little extra love during recital season.
Bunheads Footsie Roller, $10.50