Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, a Chicago company, fuses dance, visual art, and live music to create unique and thoughtful performances. On Thursday, May 26th, from 12-1 pm, CRDT invites you to attend their FREE concert at the Pritzker Auditorium in the Harold Washington Library. You will be inspired, entertained, and invited into the conversation!

Works to be performed include:
Elixir (Choreography: Marc Macaranas, Composition: Joe Cerqua)
I Want Perfection and a Little Bit More (Choreography: Raphaelle Ziemba, Arrangement & Composition: Stu Greenspan)
Esclavo y Amo (Choreography: Wilfredo Rodriguez, Arrangement: Stu Greenspan)
Are You Solid? (Choreography & Video: Connor Cornelius, Composition: James Sanders)
Elastic Pash (Choreography: Marc Macaranas, Composition: Joe Cerqua)
Corner Sketches: A Tribute to Miles Davis – excerpts of work in progress (Choreography: Marc Macaranas and Raphaelle Ziemba)
Tom & Jerry – excerpts (Choreography: Wilfredo Rodriguez, Composition: Joe Cerqua)

No need for tickets or reservations, just stop by and have fun!

For more information check out the Facebook event page.

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